Everything in Moderation – including Moderation

The big buzz around town ideal now is – “What’s your plan for Thanksgiving?”. lots of are talking about their plan to “stay on track” and avoid over-doing it on Turkey Day. Men ikke jeg. Nei. When R.E.R. does Thanksgiving she does it right.

I genuinely believe in finding a way to take pleasure in all the foods you love in moderation. I have toyed with cutting out sugar from my diet (or at least cereal!). I have thought about avoiding cake at birthdays and candy at Halloween. often I’ve successfully avoided these temptations, often not.
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But, instead of stressing about Thanksgiving and all the highly caloric food that comes with it, I  say “F-it” on this one day. I believe “Everything in Moderation – including moderation”.

I will give myself complete authorization to eat what I want on Thanksgiving without guilt. It is just one day people. But, the next day when I wake up I will get ideal back on my little moderation track and step forward. give yourself this one day, but realize it’s back to the real world the next day.

There have been years when I’ve taken this a little additionally and eaten meat on T-day. I am normally a pescatarian (eats fish and dairy, but not meat). however there are normally two times a year that I eat meat – one is Thanksgiving (and the other is a random summer day when my fam is making carne asada). For the most part the stuffing, potatoes, cornbread casserole, veggie casserole, rolls and desserts are a lot more than enough to fill me up, but a little turkey often ends up on my plate. *If you are figured out to stay vegetarian on this day I would suggest bringing a hearty meat complimentary side dish. Cornbread casserole with beans/tofu, Bean casserole or something similar can be kept warm in a crockpot.

So, that’s my take on Thanksgiving. It’s my favorite holiday. It’s about food. and I am going to fully take pleasure in it. But, you will see me back on track the next day ?

Moderation has a place, but it’s not at the Thanksgiving dinner table.

Lunch: even though I ate breakfast late I was ready for lunch at 12:30pm on the dot! I made a incredibly quick veggie burger with carrots, pickle and hummus. There may have been a few chips consumed too ? Question: What is your Thanksgiving Day Plan???

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